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The Measure of Sex

THOMAS - Are you ready to play? Abbie is new here.

THOMAS - Sabby, introduce her. SABBY - She's a friend of mine.

SABBY - I was wondering if she would be interested in playing.

SABBY - And she said yes. THOMAS - You persuaded her.

TIFFANY - Good move. THOMAS - We'll play a new game.

THOMAS - We'll measure our body parts, and guess the sizes.

THOMAS - Abbie, you're new here. You may go first.

THOMAS - Closest guess wins, worst one loses. OK?

SABBY - I have never done this. THOMAS - I think nobody has...

THOMAS - I'll go last. Ladies first. SABBY - So nice of you.

THOMAS - Can you measure her? TIFFANY - Yes, we'll stand up.

THOMAS - Yes, I'll put your estimates into this table. OK?

THOMAS - Alright, bust line. Abbie, what do you say?

ABBIE - Actually, I have never measured that... 89 centimeters.

THOMAS - OK, that's 35 inches.

TIFFANY - I think it's 90.

THOMAS - Sabby? SABBY - 91.

TIFFANY - Male logic...

THOMAS - Alright, I say 88.

ABBIE - I am very curious. SABBY - So are we.

ABBIE - Should I take this off? TIFFANY - Yes, for the time.

SABBY - That's it!

ABBIE - Breathe in!

TIFFANY - Well, it's 34.6 inches, that is 88 centimeters!

TIFFANY - You have the eyes for that, Thomas.

SABBY - You knew that, right? THOMAS - No, honestly.

THOMAS - That means Sabby lost, right?

THOMAS - Then I guess Thomas wins.

THOMAS - Sabby lost this round. I have 6 items.

THOMAS - This is the traditional method of storing the cards...

TIFFANY - You learned that from your grandma, didn't you?

Thomas, forfeit one piece of clothing (your choice). Thomas and Abbie, while standing, hug, and kiss, and fondle each other for 1 minute (hands under clothing allowed). If you're doing it erotically enough, Thomas will forfeit an additional item of clothing (if you're already naked, take an action card).

SABBY - Wow. Good for you. THOMAS - I'll forfeit this.

TIFFANY - Do we need the watch? THOMAS - Sure.

THOMAS - Will you time us? SABBY - Sure, I'll do that.

THOMAS - Let's stand up. 1 minute.

TIFFANY - Sabby will time you.

SABBY - Ticking!

TIFFANY - I'll sit next to you. Your girlfriend is hot.

SABBY - She is hot indeed. Look at those curves... and moves.

TIFFANY - She looks great. I'm happy you brought her with you.

SABBY - What do we have to measure? Legs, hips, ankle...

SABBY - Abbie is rather on the petite side. Small waist and hips.

Pictures: 1-20  21-40  41-60  61-80  81-100  101-120  121-140  …   321-340  341-352  >  >> 


15:49:51 Oct 11, 2012
fufioon Awarded "Points": 5
abbie is looking amazing in this scene!
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