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Our Philosophy

Why is your FAQ so long?
Probably because we are really different from any "typical" adult site. Please read on and we're sure you will find a lot of interesting information.
You're telling that your site is "Web 2.0" adult site. Is it true?
As there is no strict definition of what "Web 2.0" really is, opinions may vary. What is quite obvious though is that our site was one of the first to bring real interactivity (via a unique online adult game simulator driven by user profiles) and user participation in site improvement (through our "Points" reward system) to the adult site world. We're working on extending these interactive features, aiming to provide even more options for the site users to communicate on traditionally frowned upon topics of human sexuality. On the other hand, we 100% agree with O'Reilly that Web 2.0 is "An attitude, not a technology", and therefore are putting emphasis on improving user experience, not on using modern technologies just for the sake of it.
How will your site charges will look on my credit card statement?
As our credit card processing is done by CCBILL EU, our site charges on your credit card statement will be discreetly shown as
CCBILLEU.COM +18885969279
Why should I join your site? What makes it better than the others?
Our site has many advantages compared to an "average adult site out there", so we'll name only three that we think are the biggest ones:
  • Ultra-reality. We pride ourselves in shooting our videos as close to reality as possible. There are no scripts, no staged action scenes, no photographer telling the models "Oh, I can't see your pussy, could you move 2 inches higher?". All we have is a real game played for real by real models. The Game takes into account your imagination, and vivid fantasy abilities. The game stresses impromptu behavior, and intends to elevate it to a form of art. Also our users and members have a chance to witness it themselves in person.
  • Interactivity. We have an extremely interactive site and encourage you not only to enjoy the content, but to participate in site life too. There are forums where you can express your opinion (and we're here listening), and places to discuss your favorite models and your favorite games, which will be taken into account for the future game shootings. And don't forget the ability to play the game simulation online (which is exactly the same game our models play on video). And whenever you're doing something for the benefit of your fellow members (or the site, which is pretty much the same thing), you will be earning some "Points" which can be used as a credit toward various benefits, including a Full Month for Free (absolutely free full site access, including access to all site content, for a month).
  • Ties to the real world. We think that in the modern world we shouldn't confine ourselves to merely making money. We care about the world beyond the Internet and beyond our pockets, so we're trying to do things to improve it too. Our attempts can be lame ones, but we need to start somewhere. At this point we have a political discussion about porn (a subject that is often very carefully avoided), and also we have included certain warning messages into our videos, encouraging our members to be responsible in their real sexual life (please see "Sex Should be Fun, While Spoil It?" for details; if you have ideas of any other messages which you think we should to convey to our viewers, please feel free to suggest, though we reserve the right to display only those messages which are consistent with our own feelings).
What's the big idea behind political discussion on the adult site?
While we agree that political discussion on adult site is quite unusual, on the other hand we don't know of the other places on the Internet where pro-porn oriented people gather on regular basis. We want pro-porn oriented people to consolidate their opinions and make law-makers aware of their position about porn, to compensate for massive efforts of anti-porn lobby, including organizations like "Morality in Media", "American Family Association" or "Concerned Women of America".
What FuckingGamble.com and PlayWithLove.com are about?
FuckingGamble.com is merely a "skin" of TheSexGame.com. If you're a member of TheSexGame.com, you can log in via FuckingGamble.com, and vice versa. PlayWithLove.com is a bit different. Eventually we plan PlayWithLove.com to be a site with a limited set of games aimed for real swingers and couples (those currently marked as "PlayWithLove" games), for a lower price (less content - less price). We're working in this direction right now, though currently we cannot provide any firm estimates when it will be ready.
Your site looks so different from the others. Why?
Our intention is to make the best adult site in the world so people will have the best experience here. It means that if we run into some practice which is not so good, we feel compelled to change it. It is not like we intentionally make the site differ from the others, but whenever we feel something can be improved, we try to do it. We're definitely not at the end of this road yet, so your suggestions how to improve it are very welcome (and BTW besides helping your fellow members, these efforts may earn you some benefits too).
I like the idea of your game, but why didn't you use it to show gagging, forced sex, or simulated rape? I understand that in reality forcing somebody is a crime, but why not include simulated violence? You cannot compete with other adult sites without simulated violence these days.
We strongly believe that sex is about having fun, and we aim to show people how to have fun during sex. It means that we will never show any non-consensual activity, being real or simulated. After all, we want people to use this game in their real lives, where obviously there is no place for violence, or other high-risk practices, even if simulated. This does not mean that we won't use the game for BDSM, as long as it is perfectly clear that it is safe, sane and consensual, and therefore done by mutual agreement and any activity can be terminated at any point by any of the parties. As for any non-consensual/unsafe activity, being it real or simulated, we don't want to have anything to do with it.
Why age limit of 21? All the other adult sites have age limit of 18. Aren't you afraid to lose such a big audience?
While reaching this additional audience of people in the range between 18 and 21 years can be tempting, we have some doubts if it is such a good idea for them to spend time on adult sites in general and to play The Game in particular. Normally at this age sexual life is rather intensive anyway and is far from boring, so spending time in front of computer watching adult content will distract people from real life (including real life sex), which we consider much more important. Our site is primarily targeted towards people in their thirties and above, when long-term relations are already established some years ago and sexual life within these relationships starts to suffer from sexual boredom; this is when our site (and The Game) can help.
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Join Free and Trials

"Join Free" you're advertising is a marketing trick, isn't it?
No. You can really join the site for free (which means without your credit card number or any other form of payment), then create your avatar (and avatars of your friends you'd like to play with), generate action cards for The Game (it's the thing played in all the video clips), and even play simulation (fantasy or impersonation) games. All of this can happen without any payment, credit card number or limiting length of your membership.

Moreover, as a "Join Free" member you will be able to earn "Points" for participating in site activities, and if you earn enough "Points" you will be able to get a Full Month for Free (yes, it is absolutely free, and unlike "Join Free" this option gives you unrestricted access to the site, as if you were a paying member).

What are the restrictions for "Join Free" members?
What you won't be able to do when "Joining Free" is to see the content available for paying members. We also reserve the right to implement restrictions on "Join Free" members so they won't overload the servers to the extent it might affect paying members. These restrictions do not apply to "Join Free" members who are currently enjoying their "Full Month for Free".
What about people who want to play The Game for real with their friends?
"Join Free" is an ideal way to join for such people. "Join Free" provides all the necessary options to start playing for real: you can create elaborate personalized profiles specifying your preferences and limitations, generate action cards for your game, and either print them or download them to a cellphone, so you won't need to sit in front of computer while playing. We also encourage such people to write about their experiences (which is also useful, because it allows to collect "Points", which can be used for receiving additional benefits for free).
Is your (paid) Trial Membership limited or not?
While Trial Membership allows to access all the features and all the content of the site, it limits an amount of content allowed for download. Currently download limit for a 3-day trial is set to 6G, which we think is more then enough to see if you want to extend your subscription. After all, Trial Membership is about being able to take a look at the site to decide if it's worth the money, not about being able to download all the content available on the site. Please note that even if your limit for the trial is exceeded, you will still be able to access all interactive (not downloadable) site content, including games, streaming videos, and online browsing of the pictures; only video/picture downloads will be affected.
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How often do you update your site?
With our site providing videos with approx. 3 hours of action each, it is difficult to keep update schedule exactly the same all the time, but on average we issue updates to the site about 10-12 times a month, with each update having approximately 30 minutes of action. All the updates are available in a multitude of video formats.
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"Points" and "Full Month for Free"

What the "Points" are about?
"Points" are a way to receive more benefits for free, including Full Month for Free - it is an absolutely free full access to the site for a month. It's simple: you help us to make our site better (doing things such as posting to site forums, writing stories, helping to translate the site to other languages etc.), and receive "Points" for it. And we're providing you with options to redeem these "Points" for some valuable services, including Full Month for Free (no credit card required, but some form of government ID with age shown will be asked for if you have never used credit card on this site). Also "Points" will be used to determine chances of becoming a "Witness" for those interested in it.
How are the "Points" awarded and how are they redeemed?
One of the easiest ways to earn "Points" is to post on site forums; the number of "Points" awarded for posting on forums depends on the post length and overall value (decided by one of the site administrators on case by case basis). The number of "Points" awarded for a post on forums can vary from 0 (completely useless post) to 100 (post of big value, for example, a several page-length fantasy about you playing The Game). Probably the most important option for redeeming the "Points" is the Full Month for Free at 1000 "Points". After joining the site (for free or otherwise) you will be able to see your currently accumulated "Points", as well as available options to redeem them, on "My Account"->"Points" page.
Are the "Points" and "Full Month for Free" for paying users only?
Absolutely not. If you're contributing to the site, you will be able to redeem your "Points" for "Full Month for Free" even if you have never paid for the site membership (in this case you will be asked for some form of government ID with age shown).
Are the "Points" and "Full Month for Free" for "Join Free" users only?
Absolutely not. As we acknowledge that all our long-term customers make a valuable contribution towards the site and really appreciate it, we consider that every paying customer is making a contribution towards the site which is measured in "Points". And for paying members there are also various benefits to be purchased with "Points", including "Full Month for Free".
Can I earn "Points" by posting on 3rd-party sites?
In general, we encourage our members to post information about us on 3rd-party sites, but we discourage blatant advertising without added value for the respective site (it usually creates more problems then provides benefits) and expressly prohibit any form of spam. Also we can award "Points" for such posts only if it does not contradict respective site policy. For example, while posting a review about us on PornUsers.com about us is a good thing (and we encourage you to do it), PornUsers policy expressly prohibits us from giving any incentives for writing reviews. In case of doubt, please e-mail us, or contact respective site owners before posting information about us there.
Can I buy "Points" for money?
Not at this point.
What is your policy regarding "Points" for "dormant" accounts?
If you don't login into your account for more than 3 months (90 days to be exact), we will consider your account "dormant" and will start deducting 50 "Points" each month your account stays as "dormant", until "Points" are down to zero. At this point we might even close your account. This policy is necessary to simplify liability accounting and to reduce costs for active users. To stop your account from losing "points", the only thing you need is to log in into your account at least once per 3 months.
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"Refer a Friend" program

What is the "Refer a Friend" program about?
"Refer a Friend" program is a way to earn more "Points" for you while bringing your friends (virtual or real) to the site. When you refer somebody to the site, and he or she starts earning points, we consider it as your contribution to the site, so when your friend earns his or her first 100 "Points", we will add 100 "Points" to your account too (and that's for every friend you're referring). In addition, you will receive 100 more "Points", when your friend reaches his/her 300 "Points", and you will receive 100 more "Points", when your friend reaches his/her 1000 "Points".
How does "Refer a Friend" work?
"Refer a Friend" is really easy, there is no need to subscribe to it, you can start doing it right away. All you shall do is to simply put your own unique link to our site to your webpage or blog, and then we will know that every user who came via this special link is your friend. You can find your own unique link on your "My Account"->"Refer a Friend" page after logging in.
How much "Points" I can earn with "Refer a friend"?
It will depend on the number of friends you're referring to the site (and their subsequent activity on the site), but if, for example, you have a moderately busy blog which can refer just 10 people per month (and each of those people will eventually earn 100 "Points"), you will be able to earn 1000 "Points" per month, which means that you will be able to enjoy full benefits of the site completely free.
Is it necessary for my friend to become paying member for me to get my "Points"?
No. The idea of this program is to make the site better, not to make money out of it. Therefore, regardless of your friend becoming a paying member or not, you will get your first 100 "Points" as soon as he or she earns his or her first 100 "Points". Of course, as paying members receive their first 100 "Points" as soon as they pay for something besides a trial membership, it means that as soon as your friend becomes a paying member, you will get your first 100 "Points" right away (if you didn't receive them yet).
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Recurring Memberships

Why should I want to keep membership to your site instead of canceling it and returning back in a half a year?
We are not "just yet another adult site", we're different in many regards. One of them is that we really value our customers (that's you). When you subscribe to the site, we really appreciate your contribution, and want you to stay our member as long as possible. Therefore, we have all kinds of benefits for the recurring members (starting from the second month of your paid membership). If you stay as a paying member for the second month in a row (not counting "Month for Free" extensions), you will become a "Silver Member", starting from the fourth month you will become a "Gold Member", and starting from the sixth month - a "Platinum Member". One of the benefits of these memberships is the ability to receive Full Month for Free, which means skipping payment while still keeping full access to the site.
How do these "silver"/"gold"/"platinum" memberships work?
We acknowledge that our long-term customers make a valuable contribution towards the site's development and growth, and truly appreciate the role of our long-term customers. Accordingly, in light of our appreciation, every paying customer's contribution to the site is measured through "Points".
How many "Points" will I get for paid memberships?
Length of continuous membership (excluding trial)Membership level"Points" awarded with the payment
1st monthly paymentFull Member100
2nd-3rd monthly paymentSilver Member500
4th-5th monthly paymentGold Member750
6th+ monthly paymentPlatinum Member1000
I am a "Platinum Member". How can I get "Full Month for Free" and how much will I save using it?
"Full Month for Free" works the following way for paying members. If you're currently a paying member and have earned at least 1000 "Points", you can request to extend your membership for a month while keeping full access to the site and all the associated benefits. We will inform our credit card processor about it, and it will simply postpone your next payment for 31 days. Current "price" of "Full Month for Free" is set at 1000 "Points", which means that if you spend all your subscription-related "Points" on "Month for Free", you will be able to get one "Month for Free" after 3 months of membership, another "Month for Free" after 2 more payments, and then you will be able to get it after every payment, effectively reducing the price of your subscription starting from that point by approximately 50%.
Site price seems currently rather low. What will happen to my membership if you raise it in the future?
While we plan to increase price a bit in the future, it will not affect our existing subscribers as long as they maintain their current membership, but if you decide to cancel your membership and join again in a few months, the new pricing structure will apply to your new membership.
I want to cancel the paid portion of my membership. Can you tell me what exactly I will lose if I cancel now and join back in a few months?
While it's obviously your decision, we think that in general canceling and joining back is not advisable. In this case we consider your account to be closed and reopened later from scratch, so you will lose your current status as a "Silver/Gold/Platinum Member", plus you will lose the option to keep your current price (which can go up during the time of your absence), so it's quite likely you will end up paying more in the end. If you still want to cancel, please proceed to "My Account"->"Change E-mail Address" and follow "Cancel Subscription" link.
Help! I didn't want to cancel my membership, my card has expired and membership was cancelled automatically. What can I do to restore my benefits?
Please e-mail us as soon as possible with all the details, and we will try to sort it out.
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The Game

What are the rules of the game models are playing?
This site is centered around what we call The Game. It's a wonderful way for people to play something that allows them to interact sexually, while maintaining their own personal limits. Formal rules of The Game are available here, and some important questions are answered less formally below.
How many "action cards" do you have?
We currently have more than 1500 different "action cards". Moreover, it is just a basic number of cards, with more card variations produced as necessary (for example, the same "basic" card will be used for both boy/girl action, and girl/girl strap-on action, effectively creating even more cards). And if you know some realistic position which is not mentioned in our cards, please feel free to suggest a new card; if we will use your suggestion, it will earn you some "Points" which can be used for receiving additional benefits for free.
Is it possible to play The Game online?
One of the unique features of the site we're proud of is The Game simulator available to all the members, including those who "Join Free". This online simulation uses exactly the same action cards and (USPTO patent pending) card generation algorithms as those used by models on video. Moreover, you can make an avatar of your favorite model to play with you in your favorite game (using his/her sexual profile which was used in the last game shot on video). Or you can create your own profiles (with their own avatars and sexual preferences) for any people you would like to play with (from celebrities to your neighbors). To create a new game with models, just go to "My Games" tab after logging in, and press "Generate New Game" button; you will be provided with options to select players and available accessories. After generating the game, if will appear in "My Games"->"Games List"; click on any game and then on "Play Simulation Online" to run simulation.
Can The Game be played for real?
Sure, as long as you can find people uninhibited enough to play. The Game is made in the way to respect limits and wishes of all the participants, so it's not necessary to play it as hard as our models. For example, you can start with an "oral-only" game or even "touch-only" game if you prefer so. Swinging couples can even play "sex is ok, but only with partner" kind of games. Basically, the only strict requirement to play The Game is for everybody to affirmatively agree to undress, and the rest can be chosen by each player in his or her Questionnaire. As all players have chosen their preferences, our game generator will make sure that no player will ever be asked to do anything which is beyond his or her consensual and/or physical limitations.
What are the mechanics of playing The Game for real?
To play The Game for real, first you need to find partners uninhibited enough to play. Then, every participant needs to create his or her own profile on our site (using "My Profiles"->"Create New Profile") and fill in their "Questionnaire" for this profile. It is very important to pay attention to the options you choose, as those preferences will affect your game greatly; in particular, all restrictions placed into profiles will be respected, so participants can make their game as mild as they want or as wild as they want. Then, the game should be generated with these profiles, using our on-site game generator ("My Games"->"Create New Game"); it generates "action cards" respecting all the players' limits. Afterwards, you have three options: a) to play The Game in a browser (which is a recommended option for iPhone users), b) to print the "action cards" on paper, or c) to download "action cards" for your Java-enabled cellphone. Then you need to choose what kind of game you will play (blackjack, dice, darts or whatever else you want) and you're off and running!
How to play The Game for real using printed cards?
Preparations for playing The Game with printed cards is a bit tedious process, but some players prefer it because it allows to play without any electronic devices (as cellphone isn't always the best fit for romantic settings with candles etc.); if you feel it's not your cup of tea, please feel free to try playing using cellphone. To play The Game using printed cards, the first thing you need is to generate "action cards" for The Game. Then you need to download PDF file with printed cards (selecting the game in "My Games" game list, then using "Play With Friends for Real"->"Print Cards"). When selecting which "PDF template" to use, please feel free to try different options to find the one which suits you better. As soon as you downloaded the PDF file, you need to print it (it can be a bit tricky because each card has two sides, and you'll need to be very careful to make sure that front and back of every card really correspond to each other). When all cards are printed, you'll need to cut them (which is a quite tedious and time-consuming task), and you're ready to play!
How to play The Game for real using cellphone?
To play The Game using cellphone, the first thing you need is to generate "action cards" for The Game. Then you need a cellphone which supports Java; please note that this method will not work for iPhones (if you have an iPhone, you will be able to play for real using "Play Using Browser" method). As the next step, you need to download JAR file with generated "action cards" to your PC or Mac (selecting the game in "My Games" game list, then using "Play With Friends for Real"->"Download for Cellphone"); when selecting which version of the JAR file to download, please select image size according to the screen size of your cellphone.

Then you need to transfer this JAR file from your PC or Mac to your cellphone. It can be done in different ways depending on the model of your cellphone. There are three major ways of doing this transfer: via Bluetooth, via InfraRed or via special cable provided by your cellphone manufacturer. If both PC/Mac and cellphone support Bluetooth (which is very common these days), this is usually the best option: first you need to establish a connection between your PC/Mac and your cellphone (usually done by using "Search for device" on your PC/Mac), and then you need to "Send" downloaded JAR file to your cellphone (in Windows this step is done by using right-click on the file and selecting "Send To"->"Bluetooth"). The second option is to use an InfraRed (IR) connection (if both your PC/Mac and your cellphone support it). Establishing an InfraRed connection for PCs is usually even simpler: when IR ports of both cellphone and PC are aligned, PC will usually display a message like "Another computer is nearby", and then you will be able to send the JAR file to your cellphone. The third option is to use cable provided by cellphone manufacturer; it is usually more complicated and you will need to follow manufacturer's instructions.

As soon as the JAR file is on your cellphone, you will usually need to "Install" it, and then it will appear as one of the applications available for you to use.

Troubleshooting: if the JAR file is successfully transferred to your cellphone but cellphone refuses to install it or run it, the first step is to try downloading version of JAR file with smaller images or without images at all. Also we encourage you to share your experiences with different cellphones on a special forum (and in addition to helping fellow members, posting in this and other forums can also earn you "Points").

Can The Game be played by swingers?
Sure. In fact, it was originally designed for swingers, and has all the necessary features swingers may need (and if there is something missing, please let us know, we will try to accommodate). Depending on your preferences (reflected in the Questionnaire on the site), you can choose it to be anything, from just sex in the same room to full swing - and everything in between. BTW, if you host a swinger party or own a swing club and are interested in making The Game available to your members/friends, please let us know and we will try to help you to make it happen.
Can The Game be played by gay/bisexual/lesbian people?
Sure. You can fill all your preferences (which can be anywhere from "straight as a die" to "pansexual") and generate a game which can be played as a fantasy or for real.
Can The Game be used by BDSM community?
While there is nothing which prevents The Game to be used by BDSM community (and in fact we feel it would be a perfect match to the BDSM principles), currently we do not have BDSM "action cards". If you feel you can help us with adding them, please let us know (it will also allow you to collect "Points" to be used on the site).
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Shootings and Witnesses

How do you shoot it? Is it a real game?
We are proud to keep the games as real as possible. We call this "ultra-reality". Only first few seconds showing players' arrival to the scene are scripted. Starting from the moment when the game begins, it is played for real, utilizing a high degree of improvisational skills and imagination, without any scripts. It means that the models are playing blackjack or petanque for real, and taking random action cards for real as described in the game rules. There are some technical pauses during the shoot here and there (for example, to reload video tapes or for players to take a shower), but all the reasonable effort is taken to prevent such interruptions from affecting gameplay and game mood during the shoot. One of the things we never do is asking models to stop during the action so cameramen can take better shoot positions (which obviously makes the life of cameramen much more difficult, but we have very good crews, so they manage to handle it very well).
What game do the models play on camera? Is it the same game available on site?
Yes, models are playing The Game, which is exactly the game which is available online. After joining the site, you will be able to see recent model profiles which were used for game generation for the video clips.
What about editing? How does it affect "Ultra-reality"?
Editing is also aimed to be "ultra-realistic". This means that the footage you get in clips reflects real game second-to-second. Basically, what the editor does at every second of the footage, is simply taking the best shot available from one of the cameras. It ensures the game looks as real as possible; it also means that we aim to eliminate things like "clothing which mysteriously disappears during the video" completely.
What this "witness" business is all about?
To prove that it is indeed shot "for real", we will from time to time invite one of our site members to attend one of the game shoots, see how the shooting goes on and write a report on it for the site.
What is the witness expected to do?
The witness is expected to arrive on the shoot, observe everything with his or her own eyes, take notes (and maybe some photographs) during the shoot and then write a report which will be published on the site. During the shoot everybody is very busy, so witnesses will be pretty much on their own (this doesn't mean to sit in the corner jerking off :-) ), but they will be able to interview production people and some of the models before and/or after the shoot. Also if the witness wants to have a few pictures together with some of the models (models can be naked or dressed and witness will always be dressed), in most cases it can be arranged too.
What about the witness' expenses?
Being a "witness" is considered a kind of volunteer job. We will offer the witness the opportunity to view the production and the technical efforts and expertise which go into making the films. We pay reasonable travel and lodging expenses to the shoot location. Specific benefits of Witness selection are set forth in a separate agreement that is a pre-condition of participation as a Witness. Please don't expect it to be a business class flight or a five star hotel: it is not what it is all about after all.
Will "witnesses" have sex with models?
No, and the answer to "What about oral sex with models?" is also a firm No. To make it even more clear: no intimate physical interaction of witnesses with models will ever happen, not even a tiny bit (shaking hands is ok). In addition, we expect witnesses to behave politely during the shoot and not to interfere with the progress of the shoot (which includes keeping quiet while the action is occurring). Our production companies reserve the right to remove witnesses from the shoot if they feel at their sole discretion that witnesses are causing any kind of trouble; if the witness arrives drunk or intoxicated he or she will not even be allowed to enter the shooting location.
How will a "witness" privacy be preserved?
While we'll need to know the witness's passport details to arrange things, we won't publish them unless the witness himself or herself includes some personal details in his or her report. What we will publish to identify witnesses for fellow members is the Witnesses' profile name. In this business everybody takes privacy very seriously, and confidentiality is expected from everybody participating, with certain safeguards in place to ensure it. For example, all photographs taken during the shoot will be reviewed, and no pictures with uncovered faces of the crew members will be allowed to be kept without their permission.
I like this "witness" idea. How can I become a witness?
Whenever new shooting with witness is announced, it will appear on your "My Account" -> "Witness Selection" page. To participate in the draw for becoming a "Witness" for the next shooting, you need to "Register" for this draw, and start collecting as many "Points" as possible. Every "Point" you earn within specified selection timeframe gives you one "ticket" within the draw, so the more "Points" you earn - the more chances to become a witness you get. Please note that "Points" which are earned because of recurring memberships are not counted for the purpose of determining "witness" (for legal reasons).
If I "register" for a witness "Draw", does it mean I will "spend" my "Points" on "Draw" instead of saving them for other things?
Registering to become a "Witness" does not affect your "Points" or your ability to spend your "Points" on things like "Full Month For Free". This registration is merely an indication that you are interested in this particular "Witness" draw, to make sure that the draw winner is able to visit the shooting.
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Do you provide mere video screenshots instead of pictures?
Yes and no. They're indeed video screenshots, but unlike most of the companies, we take them directly from videocameras (not from edited 640x480 clip), we select them very carefully, and afterwards we process them in PhotoShop manually to reduce videocamera imperfections. Also, to ensure quality of static pictures we're using progressive-scan cameras, which provide screenshots of much better quality than more common interlaced ones. As a result, quality of our static pictures (which are usually 1280x720) is somewhere in between usual poor-quality 640x480 video screenshots and professionally-made 4000x3000 staged photographs made on $10K photocameras (we're using $10+K videocameras, but obviously they're no match for $10K photocameras when it comes to static image).
I've seen one static picture which I wasn't able to find in your video. Was it staged and shot separately?
No, as staging things would break our concept of "ultra-reality" and our focus on improvisation. We are attempting to maintain the highest reality standards in our productions, sort of like a reality television show. What you've found happened because as all the action is shot by several cameras simultaneously, screenshots used for static pictures may or may not make it to the final video. It happens all the time that some shot which is the best for video, isn't the best one for static picture, and it's perfectly normal.
You're obviously spending lots of money on these shoots. Why don't you hire one more guy with a still camera to get better static pictures? It can't be that expensive, can it?
We've discussed this opportunity several times, but eventually decided not to implement it. There are at least two big problems with it. The first one is that we don't want to use flashes during the game because they will distract players too much and ruin the "ultra-reality" on which we're working so hard. In addition, a still camera without flash and under lighting which is optimized for video won't provide really good quality results. The second problem is that adding another person to the crew will make shootings much more difficult in many of smaller setups.
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What video formats do you provide?
Currently we provide 7 different versions of WMV files (from 100kBit/s to 6MBit/s), which vary in quality and size/bandwidth, 7 different versions of MP4 files in the same bandwidths as WMV, and 2 special versions for iPods (one for iPod Classic / nano and another one for iPod Touch / iPhone). It totals to 16 different download options for the same content.
Which video players do you support?
Currently we're supporting Windows Media Player 11 (for WMV formats), the most recent QuickTime and iTunes players on both Windows and Mac (for MP4 formats), and all video iPods (for special iPod formats). If you have any trouble with our clips on any of these players, please let us know. That said, the same clips were reported to work on the number of other players and devices, but we can't guarantee our clips to be viewable there. Please also note that for higher-quality HD videos you will likely need quite modern computer (as 5-year-old box is unlikely to run 6Mbit/s 720p video smoothly enough, so if you have one, something like 1.5MBit/s will probably be a better choice).
How to download movies to iPhone or iPod?
While you can play MP4 movies online right from your iPhone or iPod Touch, to download them you will need your PC or Mac (downloading is also the only way to watch them on your iPod if you have iPod Classic or iPod Nano). Just download one of the files labeled as "iPod" to your computer, launch iTunes, and use "Add to Library" menu item to add this file to the iTunes library. Then, on the next synchronization with your iPhone/iPod the file will be automatically copied to your iPhone or iPod.
What are the requirements to see Flash previews?
To ensure the best quality possible, we are using MP4 clips for Flash previews. To be able to see them, you will need at least "Flash Player 9 Update 3". Please follow this link to download the latest version of Adobe Flash player.
What are the browser requirements to access the site and play online simulation?
We are proud to support all the most popular modern browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and up, Firefox 2 and up, and the most recent versions of Opera and Safari (for both Windows and Mac). To access the site, you'll need to have cookies enabled and to play online simulation - to have JavaScript enabled too. If you run into problems using the site with any of the supported browsers, please let us know (with a detailed description and version of your browser), and we'll try to fix it. Moreover, if you are the first one to report the bug, you will be awarded "Points" for reporting it.
Do you support "download accelerators"?
Our site is "download accelerators neutral". It means that we are neither making special efforts to support download accelerators, nor prohibiting them (and multiple download sessions are perfectly ok). If your download accelerator emulates browser closely enough, it should be able to download our content.

For Windows, we ourselves are performing testing using "Internet Download Manager", and recommend it to our members. Also, according to user reports, at least "Free Download Manager 3.0", "Download Accelerator Plus 9.3", "FlashGet 3.3", as well as "Microsoft Downloader" and "Down Them All" currently work ok with the site, though download performance can vary (it has been reported that IDM manages to reach much higher speeds than competition at least in some cases).

Under MacOS X, it has been reported that Speed Download 5 is working fine with our site.

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It's an adult site. What do I need support for?
Unlike most of the other sites, on our site support is something much bigger then "just a person who responds if somebody lost their password". support@thesexgame.com is the place to e-mail if you have any concerns, issues, or questions about the site. We are here to make you happy, so if you're not 100% satisfied, please e-mail support@thesexgame.com, and we will try to resolve the problem (and even if we cannot help, you can always count on the answer).
What support options do you provide?
If you have any problem, concern, issue, or question, please don't hesitate to e-mail support@thesexgame.com. And if you find a bug, don't hesitate to report it. Not only we'll try to fix it as soon as possible, but if you are the first to report the bug, you will be awarded "Points" for alerting us to it.
What about support response times?
Currently we aim to answer all paying members support questions within one business day at most. We understand that sometimes it's not quick enough, and we're always striving to improve our response time. Note: for "Join Free" members support response times may vary.
I have sent e-mail to support long ago, and still didn't get any answer. Why?
While in an ideal world everything should work flawlessly, in practice some problems do occur from time to time. It is especially true with e-mails, which sometimes get interpreted as spam, causing even legitimate e-mails to be thrown away. If you didn't receive an answer within reasonable timeframe, please don't hesitate to re-send your e-mail (and if even it doesn't work, please feel free to write an entry in "Site Suggestions/Bugs" forum).
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